How to take MyKfcexperience survey to win free coupons?


MyKFCExperience survey is a popular survey deal from the official website of KFC that helps gather some valuable opinions and views of all the potential customers.

Whether it’s a simple hangout with friends, holiday party or birthday party, KFC is a perfect food place for foodies. It invites food lovers to enjoy chicken meals, burgers, and drinks that serve every special occasion of yours.

MyKFCexperience survey- Overview

It’s important to eat well-balanced meals that help you stay healthy and fresh. That’s the reason, eating chicken is probably one of the ideal not for teens only, but adults as well. And when it comes to eating chicken, KFC is one of the top-most preferences of everyone.

KFC chicken is known for its unique, fresh, and scrumptious taste. Due to the widespread popularity, the brand has planned to distribute numerous free coupons to all the chicken lovers. You just need to participate in the MyKFCexperience survey and win different free coupons.

There are thousands of people in the world who have been showing keen interest to participate in the survey, so they can win free chicken or huge discounts on their next visit.  

Start Your MyKFCExperience Survey here! to answer the questions of the survey:

To enter into the customer survey, check out the official home page of the KFC website. Fill out all the necessary information from the KFC receipt survey which includes the ticket number, time, and date and store number.

MyKFCexperience survey- instructions to follow

Follow these set of instructions before entering into mykfcexperience surveys:

  • Visit website
  • Enter your time and survey code mentioned on the receipt you have been carrying
  • Enter all the necessary details and then start the mykfcexperience survey from your mobile or computer.
  • Give feedback about your experience to visit KFC
  • You will see a set of questions on the screen, answer them carefully
  • After that, you will receive a validation code that you will present at the KFC outlet to avail of free coupons. entry methods:

There are two basic methods to enter into the mykfcexperience survey

  • Online Entry Method
  • Mail Method

Online Entry:

To use the online entry method, you need a webpage to register online.

After that, visit the website to fill the survey i-e You have successfully processed the online method to win rewards.

You will be required to answer some simple questions. After that, you will get the receipt code. And then, in the end, you need to fill out the survey and enter that easily without any additional steps.

Mail Method

To use the mail method for a survey, the user is required to email their personal information to KFC. The details include their full name, user ID, email address, and contact number. After giving the details, send mail to the given address.

Remember to check out the end, where you will postcard KFC Food Care Squad 250 Airbles Road Motherwell ML1 3AT 0345 753 2532 for the United Kingdom.

Mykfcexperience survey rules:

It is important to note that, every client is not allowed to take part in the mykfcexperience survey, only a few people can avail of the opportunity.Each company tends to provide some best services to achieve good reviews. Follow the rules and guidelines before participating in the survey.

Here are some rules listed that need to be followed for the survey:

  • Every person must be a lawful US citizen and must have the citizenship of at least 10 US states.
  • He should be a permanent resident of 10 states and have legal residency of another 10 states
  • The user must have visited the KFC experience for their coded receipt, as this is most important to get entry.
  • Every participant must be above than 18 years old
  • Moreover, every person should have the basic knowledge and fundamental information of Spanish & English languages, and this data should be important to get entry.
  • Family members, companions, friends, relatives or representatives of that person cannot take part in the survey. This may portray a bad view sometimes.
  • The participant should have a proper receipt with him. In case if he is not having the receipt, then the customer cannot be able to adhere to certain standards or guidelines.
  • It is essential to have a fast internet connection so you can answer quickly without any pause.
  • One user can win each offer only.
  • You can use the code for a month only.
  • A customer should pursue all the procedures of the survey by using the
kfc survey

Step by step guide to entering into mykfcexperience survey:

  • First of all, you need to visit
  • To enter into the survey program, you have already provided a coded receipt
  • Enter that code on the receipt
  • It will ask the user for their location that how many times the user has visited KFC.
  • Then it will ask many questions about the feedback.
  • The questions would be about the cleanliness of the environment
  • How were the interior and exterior environment
  • If a user found any problems regarding their visit to KFC.
  • They will be asked about different inquiries.
  • After that, you are expected to see your name on that winner list
  • There would be only 72 hour time valid for the customer to receiving the receipt.
  • Enter all the details honestly and then review the survey details properly
  • You have completed your step by step guide.

How to complete the survey successfully?

You have completed the mykfcexperience survey with great honesty and patience. Now it’s time to participate in the survey. After participating, you can easily avail of multiple amazing discounts as well as free whoppers. This would be the completion of your survey.

Therefore, it is important to follow the guidelines, rules, and instructions of the survey. It is also essential to note that you need to provide correct personal information to win great rewards.


It’s time to celebrate some auspicious moments at KFC with all your friends
& family members, and make the day special and memorable.

Whether it is a birthday party, post-exam celebration or farewell party, KFC is here to make your occasion unforgettable and extra special.

So, hurry up and get your free KFC coupons by filling the mykfcexperience survey that can help you win great rewards.